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Pyroflame waste incinerators for biomedical & general waste incineration

We have developed our own Pyroflame waste incinerator designs which we manufacture at our Plenser workshop with equal finesse to the Surefire brand.

Both brands are approved by NEMA, are highly robust, easy to operate, economical and meet the most stringent environmental compliance requirements.

With over 80 installations across the region and highly satisfied customers, these are now the most respected and superior waste incinerator brands in the regional market, and genuinely so.

Plenser is Kenya’s most reliable, knowledgeable and experienced supplier of modern waste incinerators in the region, with excellent technical support systems and hence the most trusted source of information and technical guidance on waste incinerators.

Pyroflame waste incinerators are:

  • 1. Highly economical on fuel
  • 2. Available spare parts & accessories
  • 3. Nema compliant
  • 4. User friendly

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