Uses of Solar Energy

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Uses of Solar Energy


Now that you have an understanding of how solar energy becomes useful for use in our daily activities, let’s look at some of the major uses of solar energy.


1. Solar Electricity


We have already seen one major application of solar energy in homes through the use of solar panels to generate electricity in homes. This is an environmentally friendly and efficient way of generating electricity. 


In fact, according to the latest National Renewable Energy Laboratory data (US data), the residential use of solar panels saw efficiencies of between 16% and 22% in 2020.


2. Solar Heating


Solar energy is used to heat homes and businesses during cold seasons.


3. Solar Water Heating


Aside from heating homes, solar energy is used in solar water heating systems to heat water for home use.


4. Solar Ventilation


Solar energy is used in solar ventilation systems to cool homes during hot seasons and to pre-heat them during cold seasons.


5. Portable Solar PV Chargers


Solar energy is used to charge devices such as phones and tablets in a convenient way using portable Solar PV Chargers.


6. Solar Transportation


Solar energy is used to power solar vehicles. With the recent growth in renewable energy, there is a good chance that solar powered vehicles will significantly increase in numbers in the future.

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