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Air Pollution Control System (Wet Scrubber)

This is a principal regulatory requirement by NEMA. A wet scrubber operates on the principle of pressurized water curtain that removes particulate matter and gaseous metals from the gas stream for environmental compliance. A wet scrubber is a simple, yet extremely versatile air pollution control device that limits gaseous emissions by creating contact between exhaust gases and injected water. A wet scrubber removes particulate matter and acid gases from waste gas streams of stationary point sources such as waste incinerators. The pollutants are removed primarily through the impaction, diffusion, interception and/or absorption of the pollutant onto droplets of liquid. The liquid containing the pollutant is then collected for disposal.

  • Internationally and locally approved (Stockholm Convention; NEMA Air Quality Regulations)
  • Capable of handling and eliminating solids, mists and flammable and explosive gases
  • Inexpensive to purchase and operate