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Industrial/Commercial solar water heaters

Plenser Limited offers an outstanding experience in solar water heating solutions for Kenya and the African region. Our competitive prices also include installation of the entire solar water heating system. The heaters are ideal for industrial, commercial and residential use.
The solar water heating solution embraces the new pressurized copper tubes system with evacuated technology for accelerated water heating.

In addition, non-corrosive tanks have been designed with unique high heat retention capabilities and ability to tolerate harsh water qualities.

Whatever one’s choice, our broad experience in heating technologies sets us apart as the ideal solar energy solutions provider of choice driven by robust design, cost effectiveness, reliability and durability.

Features of solar water heaters include:

  • a) Achievement of very high temperatures of water during the day due to efficient heating tubes

    b) Retention of hot water for more than 36 hours from the improved insulation technology

    c) Non-corrosive stainless steel tank that can withstand borehole water

    d) Magnesium rod for water softening.

    e) Warranty of 5 years

  • Industrial/Commercial solar water heaters