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Human Cremators

Novus® human cremation equipment is recognised all around the world as the ‘Gold Standard’ benchmark for quality of manufacture, reliability and efficiency of use, fuel economy, operational longevity, ease of maintenance and total compliance with all the relevant authority and environmental standards. While we respect the past and are justifiably proud of our achievements, our vision is fixed firmly on the future and our design engineers are continuously involved in an ongoing programme of progress and improvement.

In fact, over the years many of what are today seen as industry standards have been implemented within our design studio where we have constantly pushed the boundaries to maintain our policy of continuous improvement. Novus® human cremation equipment is technically designed and craftsman engineered with a 25-year obsolescence life, although even this impressive lifespan is constantly exceeded. Every unit is also manufactured in our UK factory with the remarkable promise of no maintenance requirement within the first 10-years of operation.


Pet cremation is a relatively recent market sector, but throughout its development and growth into what is now a worldwide industry, we have unfailingly been at the cutting edge of progress. As the market leaders in incineration technology, we very quickly became aware through our dealings with a growing number of crematorium operators that an increasing number of pet owners wished to reclaim the remains of their beloved pets. It was a facility that was totally impossible with a single multi-use chamber unit, but it was something that we were able to quickly overcome.

We pioneered the development of different sized pet cremator machine to accommodate a wide range of needs from horses to cats. We led the way in creating customer sensitive designs that enabled grieving pet owners to witness the ‘final journey’ of their beloved animal companion. No two pet cremation requirements are ever quite the same, but with a choice of standard or bespoke designs, whatever the crematorium operator requires they can be certain that at Matthews Environmental Solutions we can provide it. No matter where in the world that may be.

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