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1. Surefire Waste Incinerators

We are the African Agents of the Surefire® waste incinerators and PowerPak cremators, both of which are manufactured by Matthews Environmental Solutions, UK. These are among the worlds most reputable incineration and cremation equipment that meet the most stringent environmental requirements including NEMA. They are highly economical, easy to operate and have a long service life. 

2. Pyroflame® Waste Incinerators

We developed our own Pyroflame® waste incinerator brand, designed and manufactured at our Plenser workshop with equal finesse to the Surefire® brand. Both brands are approved by NEMA, are highly robust, easy to operate, economical and meet the most stringent environmental compliance requirements. Plenser is Kenya’s and East Africa’s most reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced supplier of modern waste incinerators in the region. 

3. Auto Load / Auto De-Ashing Incinerators

Mainly used for continuous waste incineration process and fitted on all large waste incinerators. This type of incinerators automatically load waste and intermittently discharge ash during operation.

4. Mobile Incinerators

Ideal for incineration of highly infectious waste at source or point of generation. It minimizes the risk of contamination and re- infection during waste transportation.

5. Skid Mounted Incinerator

Ideal for remote locations that require temporary housing sheds

6. Containerized Incinerators

Ideal for remote locations that does not require a housing shed.

Incinerator Accessories

Air pollution Control System

This is a principle regulatory requirement by NEMA. An air pollution control system (wet scrubber) operates on the principle of a pressurized water curtain that removes particulate matter and gaseous metals from the gas steam for environmental compliance 

Heat Recovery System

It harnesses the flue gas from the incinerator to harness power that can be used for steam or hot water generation, resulting in huge energy savings for the institution

Sampling Ports

A provision of sampling ports can be made along the chimney to allow for measuring of air quality of the flue gas before emission into the environment


1. Human Creamators

PowerPak human cremators are manufactured in the United Kingdom by Matthews Environmenta Solutions Limited. They are recognised all around the world for high quality reliability and fuel efficiency. PowerPak cremators are easy to opertate and maintain. They comply with all the relevant authority and environmental standards.

2. Animal Creamator

Animal cremation is the most ideal disposal method of diseased animal carcasses. There are different sized pet cremator machines to accommodate a wide range of needs from horses to cats. Our customer sensitive designs enable grieving pet owners to witness the ‘final journey’ of their beloved animal companion and with a choice of standard or bespoke designs, whatever the crematorium operator requires they can be certain that we can provide it.

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Our story began in 1997 in industrial plant engineering and specializing in boilers and associated machinery. The company was later incorporated into a private limited company in 2001, subsequently adopting different approaches to customer service provision and product offering.

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