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Are you in search of Steam Boilers in Kenya? Plenser Limited is among the best steam boiler company in kenya specializing in boilers, supply, installation, servicing and designing of steam distribution networks, boilers & burner spare parts. Our boilers have the highest safety rating, highest international standards which ensure our quality steam services the industry for generations.

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Steam Boilers

Plenser Ltd solar water heating solutions embrace the new pressurized copper tubes system with evacuated tubes technology for accelerated water heating. Non-corrosive tanks designed with unique high heat retention capabilities and ability to tolerate harsh water are offered too.

We now have industrial and commercial solar water heating solutions.

Solar PV systems consisting of a solar PV module and batteries sometimes coupled with a charge controller, wiring and connections, can be used by commercial, industrial and residential consumers.

Hot Water Jikos

We also offer our very own models of hot water boilers, that run on biomass or diesel and a host of customised heating products for drying, boiling, regulated process heat, space heating among others and are manufactured to equally high standards with excellent proven performance.

These are particularly tailored for schools and SME’s requiring low temperature heat.