Waste Incinerators in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Lesotho and Zambia.

Plenser Limited has manufactured, installed, repaired and commissioned waste incinerators in Kenya and across the African Region. We manufacture a wide variety of incinerators depending on the waste type and the quantity of waste generated. We teamed up with Matthews Environmental Solutions Ltd, a global leader in manufacture of modern waste incinerators, as the Africa agents for the Surefire waste incinerator brand.


Our Waste incinerators range is the undisputed number one option for General waste Incinerators and Medical waste incinerators. They are designed, manufatured and certified to comply with the very latest global environmental and safety standards(EU,UK and US).

Medical Waste Incinerators & General Waste Incinerators in Kenya

Our waste incinerators are approved by NEMA, are highly robust, easy to operate, economical and meet the most stringent environmental compliance requirements. With over 80 installations across the region and highly satisfied customers, these are now the most respected and superior waste incinerator brands in the regional market, and genuinely so. Plenser is Kenya’s most reliable, knowledgeable and experienced supplier of modern waste incinerators in the region, with excellent technical support


Pyroflame® Waste Incinerators

We developed our own Pyroflame® waste incinerator brand, designed and manufactured at our Plenser workshop with equal finesse to the Surefire® brand. Plenser Limited stands out as the leading supplier of waste incinerators in Kenya. Are you in search of waste incinerators in Kenya and across the African Region? Our brands have obtained NEMA approval, ensuring they are exceptionally durable, user-friendly, cost-effective, and compliant with the strictest environmental regulations.

Surefire® Waste Incinerators

We are the African Agents of the Surefire® waste incinerators and PowerPak cremators, both of which are manufactured by Matthews Environmental Solutions, UK. These are among the worlds most reputable incineration and cremation equipment that meet the most stringent environmental requirements including NEMA. They are highly economical, easy to operate and have a long service life.

Auto Load / Auto De-Ashing Incinerators

Mainly used for continuous waste incineration process and fitted on all large waste incinerators. This type of incinerators automatically load waste and intermittently discharge ash during operation

Mobile Incinerators/ Portable Waste Incienerators

Ideal for incineration of highly infectious waste at source or point of generation. It minimizes the risk of contamination and re- infection during waste transportation.

Skid Mounted Incinerator

Ideal for remote locations that require temporary housing sheds

Containerized Incinerators

Ideal for remote locations that does not require a housing shed.